Almost Home

Poetry & Photography by Debra Shirley




Promised Land
Who, Here, Remembers Their Name?
’39 Prairie State
found wanting
My Mother’s Hands
Hauling Water
Before the Age of Twelve
Riches a Poor Man is Wont to Turn Up
Come Evening
Grieving Moon
Grand Daddy
Running the River Regret
Topography of a Grudge
Found Word Poem No. 1
Between Love and a Hard Place
At the Hands of a Poet
Night on Your Sailboat
Bodies in Motion
nothing ever happens in this town
I Dream of the French Countryside
What Must Go Unsaid
  1. Night
  2. Day
Warp and Weft: The Architecture of Longing
Wait for It…
Division of Marital Assets (or Carving Fowl)
Still Life in Blue
Feet to Earth
I Know, I Know, But God I Miss Smoking
Sun, Descending
At Last Count
Two Sides of the Same Curtain
Come October
The Sound of a Marching Band Always Did Make Me Cry a Little
Since April
The Evolution of Clouds
Under the Flowering Sumac Tree
Always in August
Eyes Lifted
The Ocean of You Never Changes
In the Face of Such Abundance
Homing In
Reflections From A Southern Porch
Another Song in Praise of Stillness
The Names of Things
Wretched Sedge
The Persistent Trillium
Almost Home
And Haven’t Things Always Been Falling Down Around Us
Sweet By and By